Writing Rambles: Half-Way into Thra

I feel like I’m in sync, but there’s an extra loop on my track which causes me to miss the point on every go around.

Recently, I finished Tides of the Dark Crystal, the third addition in J.M Lee’s YA novel series (which I highly recommend by the way) and it occurred to me early on in this endeavor that every Gelfling has their own way of connecting with Thra. Amri can feel the rocks, Naia can dream-fast with the flora and fauna, Onica has her far-dreaming skills and Kylan can use his firca to sync up with the very Song of Thra.

I’ve always enjoyed the inter-connectivity of this world. It’s reminiscent of Fraggle Rock , but darker and slightly more bloody-which is saying something considering Fraggle Rock’s preoccupation with death.

When I compare this concept and apply it to the Dark Crystal fanbase at large, I can’t help but feel like a Gelfling whose ability to dream-fast has long since been broken. I know just about everything to do with Henson-related properties and yet a void in my memory seems to have collapsed most of my adventures into the Age of Wonder.

Aughra, I am not.

Normally, it wouldn’t matter. However, it has been requested that I take over episode reviews for a different site. This is something I’m very much looking forward to doing and it’s a pleasure to be recognized for my love for the franchise. I can’t help but shake the feeling that I don’t know enough to do the reviews proper justice. I want them to be top quality as I’m considering this to be a big project I can sharpen my skills with.

Research has been important. Reading Shadows, Song and Tides have been both a pleasure and an exercise in expanding my knowledge. I’ve religiously been listening to Trial by Stone for months. Now those guys are the Aughras of the fanbase! If you can recall stories from the Creation Myths books then proceed to create theories out of said information- that is the mark of a smart Podling. Crikey, I don’t even own Creation Myths and really didn’t plan on it either. Should I reconsider?

Perhaps it won’t be all bad? The experience of writing these reviews won’t be any different than any of the essays I’ve written in the past. If there’s something I don’t know and probably should then I’ll just research it as I go. It’s funny how trepidation one has about something can be so easily abated and yet we fret anyway.

Yet another funny factor of the human condition.

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