A Very Brief Update

I’ve very nearly completed my Bachelor of Arts degree! Yay!

I’ve also found myself a new place to live, not too far away from my workplace (also yay!) so that will be taking up a little bit of my time once my final assignments have been submitted. I’ll be spending my birthday packing, cleaning and disassembling my room, which is fine by me as I won’t be able to see my family until that weekend anyway.

So what does this mean for the Halibut? Honestly, I can’t tell you. I’ve learnt my lesson about making huge promises and not following through with them like I did at the start of the year. The only things I can guarantee are a spoiler-review of Happytime Murders once it is released on Blu-ray and perhaps a post about everything Muppet-related I’ll end-up encountering during my two weeks in America.

It’s going to be weird having so much free-time aside from my work in the catering department of the local hospital. I’ve been questioned a lot about what I’m going to do about my career as a writer after graduation and quite honestly, I don’t have much of an answer. I have a feeling not many people do after three years of full-time study.

I’m honestly quite happy to just keep working in hospitality for a few years. I’ll be twenty-two next month, not exactly an age in which to panic about not having a set-career yet. Most of my friends are still studying, so I’m not in much of a hurry to catch up. I do have plans to submit my creative pieces to publishing journals and perhaps give writing a novella another crack now that I don’t have essays waiting to be written.

I have time now. That’s all that matters to me and I can use it to discover who I am and what kind of life I can maintain for myself.

I’ll try to post a film review next week. Until then, have a great time of it



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Muppet Enthusiast, Film Lover, Book Adorer. No one original, but (hopefully) providing brand new perspectives for the world to process. Currently a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate at Deakin University.

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