Adam Hills is a Muppet Nutcase and I Couldn’t Be Happier

Okay so, I am in the middle of reading Aussie comedian Adam Hills’ autobiography Best Foot Forward and I just had the biggest fangirl moment.


Adam Hills is not only my favourite comedian, but also my all-time favourite talent to come from Australia, so to hear that one of my heroes has the same obsession as I do about my other long-time heroes is both mind-blowing and incredibly gratifying.

In the same chapter Adam squees over meeting the Dalai-Lama, Adam talks about his appearance on the back in 2012. If you haven’t seen it, the clip is right here:

In this clip, Adam talks a little bit about what happened backstage after his set, but this new book reveals a lot more. For example:

  • Not only did Adam get a picture with Kermit, but he asked Steve Whitmire if he’d be willing to make a quick video for Adam’s daughter. Steve, being the nice guy he is, was happy to oblige.
  • Apparently the video they did together was ruined by the background noise, so Steve took them to a more quiet corner and did the video again.
  • Adam hanged around with Bill and Dave after the show and had a few drinks.
  • Some of Adam’s friends lost their collective shit when they realised who Adam was talking to.
  • Dave and Bill kept in contact with Adam after that and invited him to the set of Muppets Most Wanted.

So, the next time you watch MMW and get to the scene with Fozzie and Walter in the train compartment realising that Kermit has been switched out for Constantine, you’ll know that right beneath the camera, an extremely giddy Adam Hills was sitting in between Eric and Peter!!! Apparently Fozzie even wanted his opinion on stage directions!

In addition to that, Adam based a huge portion on his stand-up show, Happyism, on this experience and the cast of Puppet Up, including Brian Henson, attended one of these shows and invited him to perform with them one night!

I also had the pleasure of  seeing Happyism when it came to Melbourne and have watched the DVD version at least a hundred times. A few years later, Adam did another show called Clownheart. On the night I went to see it, I got to meet Adam after the show and fangirl over his interaction with the Swedish Chef for a few moments.


I’m extremely happy to say that I’ll be seeing Adam again next month for a special show dedicated to this new book! If there happens to be a Q&A, you can bet your boots I’ll be asking about his experience at The Muppets Take the O2!

I’ll let you know how that goes when the time comes! For now, here’s a video of the sketch Adam and the Swedish Chef did together at the O2!

And be sure to check out Best Foot Forward ! It’s a brilliant book about a great guy and his story should be shared as widely as possible!

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