A Short Message About A Year Since the “Ker-fuffle”

The fact that I didn’t post anything on the actual day should give you an indication about how I feel about it. To be honest, I completely forgot about it until I got the notification for a blog post from my friend Mary.

It’s been like that for at least the last six months. I’ll hear news about Steve doing Cons and merely think, “That’s nice. I’m glad he’s getting out and about.” Entire Con panels have been filmed and placed on YouTube. I used to crave content that contained Steve just being himself, but now, I see the videos and save them for another time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore the man with all my heart, but I think the title of “Whitmire Fan #1” applies to someone else and that is something I am perfectly okay with. I’d like to think the past 12 months have passed with me gaining a better sense of maturity. I’m not the same preachy, ‘down with Disney, boo the Henson’s’ fangirl I took such pride in being before.

Another transition I’ve made in the aftermath of the “Ker-fuffle” is from referring to myself as a ‘Muppet Fan’, to a more general ‘Jim Henson Fan’. Muppets are obviously apart of that, but in the absence of decent Muppet content (AKA content that I can enjoy from this side of the world), I’ve taken the opportunity to dive into other areas of Henson lore. You’re far more likely to find me down in a Fraggle Cave then the Muppet Theatre for the time being.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, all I have for Steve Whitmire is the hope that he is happy, healthy and enjoying whatever he is getting up to these days. He has mentioned new characters and personal projects during his Con panels, something I look forward to seeing for myself.

For those who were asking, I hope this satisfied your craving for my thoughts.


P.S:¬†Oh and while I’m here, I should mention that any permanent return to the Halibut won’t occur until at least October 5th. I have one last trimester at university until I can apply to graduate, so my focus over the last few months has been there.

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