Steve Whitmire’s Steppin’ Out in Knoxville

So, it was announced a few hours ago that Steve Whitmire (you know, that guy this blogger just can’t seem to shut up about), is going to be making an appearance at Fanboy Expo’s Knoxville Comic Con this coming June.

From the Fanboy Expo Facebook page:

It’s not easy being green! Fanboy Expo is thrilled to announce that Steve Whitmire will be joining us for Knoxville Comic Con June 29-July 1st. Steve is known for voicing and puppeteering some of our favorite Muppet characters like: Kermit the Frog, Ernie from Sesame Street, Rizzo the Rat, Wembley Fraggle, and Beaker. Steve is brand new to conventions and is anxious to get out and meet fans. Get your tickets to Knoxville Comic Con

As someone who’s been missing his almost weekly Muppet Pundit posts, I’m glad to see Steve taking another step in embracing the Muppet fandom. This certainly does seem to be the ‘Year of the Muppet Performer’ (I honestly apologise for not remembering whether ToughPigs or The Muppet Mindset coined that phrase first), with Frank Oz taking over Twitter with his adorableness and the Muppet Guys Talking documentary getting a decent amount of hype.

There’s really not a lot more to say about it for now until much closer to the date, but hey, now you have plenty of time to get planning for a great few days of fun stories and quite a few laughs!

If there’s anything to update, I promise you I’ll be on top of it!


Catch Up Post: A Late Start to the New Year

Hey folks, did you miss me?

No?…..Yeah, fair enough.

I do apologise for the unannounced break. I ended up becoming extremely distracted between my summer classes, Christmas, New Years, travelling to see family, and of course, working at the hospital. It was not my intention to leave the blog for this long, but hey, I’m back so let’s get going!

Tonight I’m just going to catch you guys up on a few things. Administration and all that fun stuff!

First, I should point out that my hiatus from the Jim Henson fandom is now over and I have every intention on writing about the Muppets without any controversial topics attached to the posts. My New Years resolution is to keep it as lighthearted as possible.

As we get closer to the release of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix, I’m hoping there will be updates and special previews that I can use to create some fun theories for the plot. This is a practice I’m coming to enjoy doing.

Fraggle Rock reviews will be a plenty this year.

There will be a heap of Marvel Cinematic Universe related posts added to my range of topics as I have become quite invested in that particular Studio. Get ready for some Avengers: Infinity War hype!

Last year, I had a heap of fun with the posts where I just rant and swear a lot, so maybe I’ll find a good reason to have a healthy bitch session or two.

I wish I could give you a definite time of day to expect more content, but with how busy I’ll be with finishing my degree and working nights once March comes around. All I can guarantee is that there will be one post a week unless I indicate otherwise.

And finally some good news: I could finally afford to have my puppet character built. When she’s finally completed, I’ll probably film a little something to introduce her. Get ready for some sub par puppetry!

That’s about it for now. See you next week!

P.S: Guys, I wish you could hear the thunder going on outside right now as I’m writing this. It’s awesomely creepy!