Celebrating One Year of the Halibut!

Exactly a year ago, on a whim, I challenged myself to keeping a blog going on a semi-regular basis. The challenge came about because I had had the sad revelation that I had never really been able to stay committed to a protect for more than a couple of weeks and thought this could be a great chance to practice.

12 months, 63 posts later and here we are!

For those who may have been wondering, I called this website ‘Just for the Halibut’ due to it being one of my favourite puns made by Fozzie Bear during this song on The Muppet Show .

It goes without saying that creating this blog has been one of my best decisions yet. It’s my space to play around with my writing, share ideas and thoughts, review the films and TV shows I love and just, well, be myself while online. People can get to know me via my most expressive medium and in turn, I can get to know them through their comments and feedback.

I was going to write a long-winded post about what this blog means to me, but I think a short-hand recount will do just fine. Let me put it this way: the blog has already given me opportunities I never thought I would have. I was complimented by an author I admire, made friends and connections I never would have otherwise and most astonishingly of all, I got to connect with my creative idol. I wasn’t expecting any of that. Instead of getting bored with it after a couple of months, all of these strange and inviting events have kept me going strong with a passion I would be remiss to lose.

Before I wrap this up, there’s a few people I’d like to thank:

Sunny Eclipse: Thanks for being such a great friend and giving me great feedback when we talk! I especially thank you for your support during the whole Whitmire debacle. Things were falling apart, but we could help each other pick up the pieces.

Mike Quinn: You’ve been an amazing friend this year and I’m grateful for the support we were able to provide for each other when times were difficult during the Debacle. Thanks for your generosity in providing feedback for articles I was extremely hesitant about posting.

Mary Arlene: You’ve been wonderfully helpful and generous with your time with all of your responses to my posts!  It’s been a delight getting to know you these past few months!

(If you guys haven’t checked out Mary’s blog, you totally should!)

Jarrod Fairclough: You and I may have agreed to disagree on events from this year, but I still appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping The Muppet Mindset up and running. You’ve certainly set the bar high for this sorry slacker.

Anne Terri: Your input and participation is also well appreciated. (I promise to keep the cussing to a minimum!)

1000 Eyes (from Muppet Central): Your snarky feedback is more often than not exactly what I needed.

And thank you guys for being my loyal readers! I really appreciate your time and enthusiasm as I continue to stumble over the keyboard and try to bring you content you will enjoy each and every week. It’s been a heap of fun and I certainly don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.

As always, you can contact me at justforthehalibut@yahoo.com for post suggestions, comments, feedback or even just to say a quick hello!

Always a pleasure,


I wonder what the next year is going to bring?


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Muppet Enthusiast, Film Lover, Book Adorer. No one original, but (hopefully) providing brand new perspectives for the world to process. Currently a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate at Deakin University.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Marni! Yesterday was one of my long days, so I didn’t have time to make the thoughtful response that you deserve. 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words of recognition–not to mention the unsolicited plug. I’m gratified that you have found my comments helpful. Perhaps I’m getting some use out of that education degree after all. 😉

    In all seriousness, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over the past few months as well. In some ways, you remind me of myself when I was younger, although I suspect that you are more grounded than I ever was (or possibly ever will be).

    Best wishes to you for the upcoming year, and hopefully many years to come. I’m pleased and proud to have you as a friend, writing peer, and comrade-in-arms.

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