Fraggle Rambles: I’m Never Alone

I’m partial to the Wembley Fraggles of the world, but I heavily identify with the Boobers.

I was listening to ‘I’m Never Alone’ on the way back from work tonight and I couldn’t help but consider just how much I and my favourite Dave Goelz character connect on a low-lying, perfectly dull and static way. Boober is perfectly fine with his rather morbid way of looking at the world, even if it doesn’t seem like it some of the time. We actually share the common trait of overreacting and dramatising even the smallest of problems.

Back to the song, it’s odd that I often forget about it, but once it starts playing, I can’t help but relate to every lyric….which is also odd because I hateĀ being alone with my own thoughts most of the time. I guess the song just reminds me that no matter how many times my own mind screws me over, I can count on it to be there for me no matter what.

You really can’t place that kind of trust on anyone else can you? When you think about it, if you haven’t got you, then what do you have left?

I don’t know…..these are just the random thoughts of someone who’s been awake for nearly 19 hours and really felt like posting something tonight.

Here, enjoy the song while I go to bed and “zzzzzz” the night away…..

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