Late Night Nonsense: What Do I Know?

Warning: Explicit Language

Okay, let’s do this.

Time for a rant.

You see, this is how Steve Whitmire is currently feeling:

And this is how a huge portion of the world outside of the fandom (and a few insiders) currently perceives Steve and his supporters:

(Could not find a better version)

And I’m just here like:

What the actual fuck am I doing? Everything I wrote in that open letter still stands, but there is still a part of me that has been having doubts about Steve and the whole debacle. I don’t get how people can so easily pick a side on something and just stick to it no matter what.

As an atheist, I’m a natural skeptic who will question things over and over again, sometimes beyond the point of reason. Everything I’ve said so far in favour of Steve is true to form: I will support him no matter what, I believe that he believes he knows what is best for the Muppets and if I had my way, he would be back with his characters in a flash.

That being said, I still have those doubts at the back of my mind and to be perfectly blunt, it’s annoying the fuck out of me! I don’t want any of the nasty rumours about Steve to be true, but you have to admit, a lot of people have come out, not just recently, but over the course of several years and have tried to knock him down a couple of pegs.

So…do I believe the naysayers, or the equal amount of people on Steve’s side who are calling bullshit on the accusations…..I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE, OKAY?!

I’ve always tried to be so, but this is the most honest I’ve ever been to my readers on the Halibut. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is admit when you haven’t got a clue about something or someone. Bottom-line: I don’t know Steve personally, I don’t know what goes on behind-the-scenes and I definitely don’t know what lead to the shamelessly loud cluster-fuck that has been the past 10 months!

Fuck, I hate saying ‘fuck’ so much, but it’s a bit hard not to when the fucking topic is this fucking frustrating! For fuck’s sake!

Meanwhile, the more rational part of me is asking, ‘Why is this shit so important to you anyway? Why not just move on with your life since it has nothing to do with you?’

To which the rest of me responds,’Bitch, please, this has everything to do with me!’

When I vowed to myself that I would support Jim Henson’s legacy 5 years ago, I took that shit seriously and it still stands to this day. Like it or not, he’s not all of it, but Steve is still a massive part of that legacy. When asked to, he stood up, placed Kermit on his arm and did his fucking best within the unfortunate situation Jim’s death had placed him and the other Muppet Performers in. Yeah, Steve tripped and stumbled over his own ass a few times in the beginning, but he got there in the end, didn’t he?

I may know nothing about Steve’s personal life, just as it should be, but if anything is clear, it’s that Steve has built up a type of philosophy and logic around the Muppets that accumulates everything he learnt from the original team and from his own life experiences-and fair enough, right? If you’ve been apart of the same franchise for that long, certain consistencies are going to add up in your head as important; important enough to try to be applied to new circumstances such as Disney acquiring the characters you’ve formed a strong connection to and want to protect at all costs.

Along with the other long-standing Muppet Performers, Steve stood stubbornly by the characters as Disney stumbled around, trying to figure out what to do with this new property they had in their hands. Seriously, the fact that Steve didn’t say, ‘Fuck it’, toss Kermit into the air and stride away flipping the bird during piss-poor projects like DC Almost Live is a testament to his dedication and resistance to bullshit. Go and read this ToughPigs interview from 2008: not only did Steve find something positive in working on that special, but nearly every answer he gives relating to the Muppets includes something about character integrity.

Actually, you know what? I think I’m starting to get it.

I, too, would have a multiple blog-post thesis on why letting me go was bullshit if I had accomplished everything Steve has in the past 38 years. Except I don’t have the same level of restraint Steve seems to have. My ‘thesis’ would just be an ongoing bitch-session between me and a few hundred of my closest fans and trolls. There have been a few times where I have cringed at Steve’s wording ever since he started Muppet Pundit, but from a fan’s perspective, I think I finally understand why he hasn’t dropped the subject.

Look at the first sentence of his last paragraph from this week’s post:

“I can be up to speed and ready for this show with little more than a day‘s rehearsal.”

That sentence is cocky as all hell, but between his desperation to jump back in there and the fact that he is in fact that goddamn talented, I think it’s rather justified in its nature. It’s pretty simple, ladies and gentleman, Steve’s not giving up on his position within the Muppets because A) the characters are his everything and B) say what you want about how he got there, Steve fucking earned that spot and he knows it.

Of course, I would be remiss to not touch on the accusations of blackballing, brinkmanship and all the bullshit that goes with it. If it’s all true, then yeah, I empathise with the people who got caught trying to mess with Steve’s vision and ended up on their backsides as a result. And if the The Muppets Studio were in fact justified in their decision that set the fandom on fire, then fair enough. However, it still stands that Disney took over a decade to do away with Steve even though he was apparently such a huge problem. What I really want to know is what type of warnings did they allegedly give him? Were they serious statements that placed marks against his name, or were they just little slaps on the wrist and 5 minutes in the naughty corner? Since that will never get answered, I guess we’ll never know.

See? This is why I love to write this type of shit out; I legitimately did not know who or what to believe when I started writing this rant and now I’m back where I have and always will be- right beside Steve unless some kind of evidence is brought forward to make me and many others look like an idiot for trusting the wrong person.

In the extreme off-chance that Steve is reading this, don’t worry mate, I still have your back after all of that. Unfortunately, being skeptical is apart of being human. Hopefully everything I’ve stated here and in other comments and posts I have written has been enough to reassure you and your other supporters that I’ve done my research in order to understand you and your situation as well as I can.

I apologise for the crude language, but honestly, this is my natural vocabulary that I force myself to filter out every time I write a new post. I’m glad I’m sharing these thoughts here rather on one of the fan forums because I would probably get eaten alive due to my reluctance to drop a subject everyone else is keen to let go of.

Doesn’t that predicament sound familiar, hmm?


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  1. Love the part about how Steve could have just given up when The Muppets did subpar stuff like Studio DC, but not only did Steve try to find the positives, he also gave his performances his all just like a total pro…look at the AMAZING puppetry work he does in the Bop Til You Drop number! Very few people can make a puppet move like that with all the subtle touches!

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  2. First of all, I’m shocked that you were able to find a copy of “You’re On Your Own” on YouTube. I was looking for it last week and couldn’t find diddly-squat, and finally had to upload a copy myself. I see the copy you embedded was only uploaded a few days ago (after I uploaded mine). Go figure.

    Secondly, thank you for giving me an idea for a Fraggle Friday feature. 🙂 Hopefully it won’t take me half a week to get it written and published this time. “Fraggle Tuesday” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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