First Blog. Tiny Ramble

Well, here I am-yet another voice of self-proclaimed knowledge from the very bottom of the bursting barrel we call the internet.

Currently a undergrad, majoring in Literature and working hard towards a Bachelor of Arts that could potentially get me absolutely nowhere, I found myself in desperate need of having an outlet where I don’t necessarily have to reference everything. That certainly doesn’t mean that I won’t fact-check and provide all two of my readers with the resources if they want to check  it out for themselves. It’s just that there are only so many citations and references you can write before you just want to take the heaviest book in the library and backhand your lecturer with it.

Let’s just get the whole checklist out of the way: Muppets, Jim Henson, Disney, Books and random issues I may find myself thinking about..but mostly Muppets and Jim Henson.

Not to your taste? Well then, it’s a good thing that there is a certain exit symbol that will assist you in finding somewhere more fitting. The following book and film reviews, fan theories and just plain random thoughts won’t be for everyone, but that’s okay. No matter what size of audience this thing will get, I’m just going to continue write what I’m feeling and what I think needs to be said.

For now, I need to leave this ramble here. Not only am I just about to start repeating myself, but I foolishly decided to start writing this just before today’s seminar. Wish my already sore-head some luck.



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Muppet Enthusiast, Film Lover, Book Adorer. No one original, but (hopefully) providing brand new perspectives for the world to process. Currently a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate at Deakin University.

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